Exclusive Sailing Trip
Exclusive Sailing Trip

Season 2019 is over!!!

2020 New Project New Location


 An exclusive sailing time with NextPortAway.          



Welcome to NextPortAway!!!


After some years of sailing in the Mediterranean Sea visiting Baleares, South of France, Corsica and Sardinia we decided to share our experiences with our friends and family through our blog NextPortAway. Finally, we decided to stay sailing in Grece's waters especially in Rhodes and then we created the NextPortAway professional side. After four beautiful and very interesting seasons doing daily trips from Lindos, we decided to stop, change the boat and start again sailing from Barcelona heading to the West this time.


This year 2020 we will be offering the opportunity to enjoy a very exclusive sailing time onboard our sailboat. 


If you visit us, you will have the opportunity to go sailing along the coast of the South of Spain, South of Portugal or in the Atlantic Sea, anchoring in some isolated places, visiting some different Ports or some special places during your time onboard for swimming, snorkeling, exploring, relaxing, etc.










Cel. Phone:

Alex      +306989851315 

Mireia   +34656960111





Ideal for

weddings aniverssaries,

& holidays.


Perfect for friends, couples and small families!



For special ocassions!






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NextPortAway. Sail and enjoy.